Mattres Pavilion-HD Gel Infused memory foam 10" Soft

$949.99 each

Low Profile Foundation 5 1/4" Memory FoamInformation
High Profile Foundation 9" Memory FoamInformation
Bedtech BT2000 Wireless Adjustable Foundation optionInformation
Bedtech BT3000 Wireless Adjustable Foundation OptionInformation
Reverie 3E Adjustable Foundation OptionInformation
Reverie 4M Adjustable Foundation OptionInformation



  • Available in 10 and 8
  • 2 Gelled memory foam top layer to help you stay cool throughout the night (3 on 10 option)
  • 6 Charcoal infused memory foam base provides excellent support (7 on 10 option)
  • Best contouring memory that provides a truly luxurious feel at an affordable price
  • 20 Year Warranty



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