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4-way stretch knit fabric with PCM. PCM is a technology that stores and releases heat by reacting to the body’s microclimate and neutralizing those changes, helping create the perfect sleep experience.

Visco Gel molds to your body shape throughout the night, reducing pressure where you need it most while keeping your body cool for a more comfortable sleeping surface.

An exclusive and proprietary foam created with supportive air technology with no temperate sensitivity or heat trapping. Giving you a conforming feel of memory foam with better support and better airflow.

The highest grade of polyurethane foam for durability and support for years of use without body impressions.

The Samson Coil is the thickest wire in the industry in its category, resulting in a strong quiet coil that conforms while supporting the body improving sleeping comfort.


4-way stretch knit fabric with Tencel, Joma wool, and high density convoluted foam, keeping your mattress comfortable and at the ideal temperature year after year.

The highest grade of POLYURETHANE FOAM for durability and support for years of use without body impressions.

High density foam rails and a portrait edge, offering greater edge-to-edge sleeping with no roll-off.

High density POLYURETHANE FOAM for added Firmness and comfort lasting year after year.

Hinge-Flex gives added life to the mattress and provides an exceptionally strong and quiet core due to the tighter-sewn helical wire. The offset coil is sensitive to body contours, improving sleeping comfort.
One of the best aspects of Chattam and Wells is their close attention to detail, and it starts at the top with the quilt. The Chattam Quilt is made up of Tencel fibers that help wick away moisture, a layer of Joma wool that manages temperature, and two layers of High Density Convoluted Quilt Foam that contours to curves of the body. The 4-way Stretch Knit Fabric stretches easily to keep comfort consistent, and the hand-tufted craftsmanship prevents comfort layers from shifting over time, ensuring remarkable durability. Hand-tufting is a process reserved for the finest of mattresses due to the time and effort it takes to do it by hand. Comfort layers include two layers of natural latex, which is one of the most useful materials ever to be added into mattresses. Why is latex the best? The pressure relief it offers is exceptionally good, which greatly helps minimize tossing and turning. While contouring, it pushes back against the body for additional support. It's also anti-microbial and anti-dustmite to provide you with a healthier space for resting, and it's among the most durable materials ever created. Among the list of impressive features included in the Franklin is the Nano Coil layer. The tiny Nano Coils create a buoyant layer close to the surface of the mattress, giving way to delicate contouring that cradles your body as you sleep. A Joma wool blanket layer is another aspect of the model that is worth mentioning. In this layer, each and every Joma wool fiber is crimped individually to perform like a small spring. The one-inch thick blanket makes a supportive and natural base for the comfort layers. Back support is supplied through two innerspring systems that are engineered to work closely together. The 450 Hinge-Flex Plus Knotted Offset Coil gives added life to the mattress and an impressively strong and quiet core thanks to the tighter-sewn helical wire. The offset coil is sensitive to body contours, further improving sleeping comfort. The Chattam Core is carefully crafted using high-tensile wire, and it is also fabric-encased to make independent motion possible. This guarantees phenomenal body conforming support and also minimizes transfer of motion between partners throughout the night. You can feel free to rest all the way to the edge thanks to the addition of the Chattam Edge, a blend of high density foam rails and a portrait edge, which gives you improved edge-to-edge sleeping with no roll-off. An optional 18 slat foundation is made following old standards, which shows that there is at least one company out there that still makes em like they used to. High grade handles make it really easy to move the mattress, and these handles are definitely helpful on a stout mattress like this.

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